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Free tampons at RUB

Starting in October 2022, free tampons will be available at various central restrooms across RUB.

This is the start of a pilot project at RUB, initiated by the working group “Free menstrual products”. The working group was set up in 2021 by several student groups from different degree programmes. The members advocate the provision of free menstrual products.

What is period poverty?

Period poverty refers to the situation where people who menstruate can’t afford the hygiene products they need. The products are often expensive. If there is little money to pay for living expenses to begin with, these costs can become a great burden or can't be borne at all. In early August 2022, for example, the government in Scotland reacted to this problem.

If hygiene products are not changed regularly, there’s a risk of infection. People who can’t afford to buy menstrual products are also severely restricted in their daily lives, as they can’t leave their homes to attend events, for example.

The working group initiated the pilot project to support persons who menstruate. To provide access to tampons, tampon dispensers have been mounted in five restrooms across the campus.

Where can I find the tampon dispensers?

StudentServiceCenter (SSC):

  • Ladies restroom, level 0 (ground floor)
  • Restroom, level 0 (ground floor)
  • Gents restroom, level 0 (ground floor)

Hörsaalzentrum Ost (HZO):

  • Ladies restroom, level 02
  • Gents restroom, level 02

Would you like to report a problem?

In case of technical problems or if the tampon dispensers are empty, please use the following form:

Problem report form


Why are the dispensers here?

The dispensers are placed in locations that are as central as possible and are easily accessible.

Which products are available?

The pilot project starts with tampons in the size “Normal” (regular).

How do the dispensers work?

The dispensers are contactless and fully automatic. Simply place your hand under the dispenser and a tampon will be dispensed. There is then a pause until another tampon can be dispensed. This is to prevent the dispenser from being emptied completely.

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