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FAQ on the brand mission statement

The new claim of the Ruhr-Universität has been published. Important questions and answers concerning the brand mission statement are answered here.

Why is the claim written in English?

People from 130 countries study and research at our university; internationality is an important part of everyday university life. The new claim illustrates the university's international orientation both internally and externally. In particular, it should also work in an international context.

How did the claim come about?

The new claim is the result of the participatory mission statement process with the entire university public, in which over 2000 members participated.

Why RUB?

The majority of respondents saw the importance of the RUB in its role as an engine for change and advancement. Both in its historical impact on the Ruhr region as a real laboratory for social transformation, but also as a mission for the future. The need to continue to change itself and to remember the reformist gene of the RUB, was also emphasized. Therefore, "Change" was exposed as a central idea and translated into the claim.

Why is campus renovation progressing so slowly?

The first construction work on the RUB campus began in 1964, and since then the campus has been gradually expanded and extended. In addition, new research buildings have been and are being built on Mark 51°7. Furthermore, existing buildings, some of which are almost 60 years old, have to be continuously modernized and meet the latest technical requirements. With a total area of 4.5 square kilometers, this is a huge task involving many trades, institutions and people. An overview of all construction projects can be found on the pages of the technical departments:

Campus development

How do we deal with the old claims? ("Creating Knowledge Networks" and "Human, Cosmopolitan, Powerful").

The new claim "Built to change" is the prelude to the work on the new appearance of the RUB, such as in a new, more contemporary and positioning corporate design.

Until the process is complete, the following applies:

  • All existing print communications that use the old claims can continue to be used
  • Web pages that use the old claims will be gradually edited and converted to the new claim.
  • New print materials: please use the new claim

The content of the "old" claims will live on under the umbrella of the new claim. "Creating Knowledge Networks": networked diversity/interdisciplinarity is an essential characteristic of the RUB to be able to drive change and transformation. "Human, open-minded, high-performing": These values are also essential to be able to drive change. They can be found in new mission statements, structures and activities of RUB, especially in the areas of diversity and internationalization.

How were the individual themes selected for the new claim/brand mission statement?

The new claim is the result of a participatory mission statement process with the entire university public. The most frequently mentioned themes were therefore selected as brand building subjects for the new claim.

How much did the campaign to introduce the new claim cost?

The campaign to introduce the new claim was implemented in a very cost-neutral manner, as many on-board resources were used: Banner and poster space on campus, presence in online media, and so on.

How were the colors of the campaign chosen? Are these the new colors of RUB in its external presentation?

The selected colors are representative for important topics of the RUB:

  • Magenta for diversity
  • Green for sustainability
  • Yellow for internationality
  • Orange for talent promotion
  • Blue for interdisciplinarity

The colors are part of the campaign to introduce the new claim. The complete corporate design of RUB is currently being revised, and the RUB color scheme will then also be redefined.

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