Teilnehmende bearbeiten eine Themenstation, an der sie Gegenstände heraussuchen, die sie mit der RUB verbinden.

Why RUB?

What does Ruhr University Bochum stand for? What should it stand for in the future? And what sets it apart from other universities?

The project “Why Ruhr University Bochum?” answers these questions and creates a mission statement for a clear position in the competition for talent and funding.

A lot has happened in 2022: members of all status groups at RUB shared opinions, experiences and perspectives in dedicated workshops and a World Café. The Rectorate as well as third party participants described their perspectives in qualitative interviews. In the fall, their insights were compared with a larger group in a digital opinion survey.

Project measures:

  • Dedicated workshops
  • World Café
  • Qualitative interviews with the Rectorate and third parties
  • Digital surveys

Dedicated workshops

The dedicated workshops “Why Ruhr University Bochum?” started on 9 August 2022. The project brought in representatives of the various status groups, including professors, academic staff, members of the technical and administrative departments and students.

In the workshops, the participants played an active role in shaping a new mission statement for Ruhr University Bochum.

They worked out their existing ideas about the university’s self-image as well as its unique selling points and future perspectives

World Café

On 26 September 2022, “Why Ruhr University Bochum?” hosted a World Café. The event gave all university members the opportunity to contribute to the future mission statement.

Warum RUB World Café

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Chancellor Dr. Christina Reinhardt welcomed all participants with a video message. Hubert Hundt (department head of the Corporate Communications Department) and Nicola Wessinghage (manager at “Mann beißt Hund”) hosted the World Café. After a brief introduction, the participants embarked on the thematic stations.

The eight thematic stations:

  • Station 1: “Love at first sight?”: Participants wrote down pro and contra arguments on cards that were relevant to their decision in favor of Ruhr University Bochum.
  • Station 2: “#letstalkabout”: Participants came up with meaningful catchphrases inspired by several photos of the Ruhr University Bochum.
  • Station 3: “Head over Heels": Participants were asked to present a personal object that they associate with Ruhr University Bochum.
  • Station 4: “You’ll never walk alone”: Ruhr University Bochum became a soccer club and the participants designed its profile.
  • Station 5: “Together we are strong!”: The participants drew two cards showing different faculties and came up with an interdisciplinary research project for them.
  • Station 6: “Hands on!”: With a budget of 5,000 euros, the participants came up with a project that would make the campus more sustainable, livable and lovable.
  • Station 7: “Dragons’ Den”: Participants chose one of three start-up ideas to promote.
  • Station 8: “Super RUB”: The groups split into two teams. One team came up with superpowers for Ruhr University Bochum, while the other created a villain. The end game was a duel between the two teams.

During the workshops, the university sports team demonstrated short exercises that can be easily integrated into everyday life. Finally, a group from the Boskop cultural office performed a humorous improv theater routine.

Next Steps

The public launch of the new claim BUILT TO CHANGE is scheduled for October 2023. For information about the claim and the brand building blocks, please visit the website

Built to change

The brand mission statement of Ruhr University Bochum

Brand mission statement


  • May 2022: Preparatory phase (kick-off, project set-up, analysis)
  • August 2022: Information phase (workshops in small groups, interviews, large group workshop, digital opinion survey)
  • October 2022: Implementation phase (evaluation, consolidation, formulation, voting)
  • Presentation of the mission statement

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